Temima felt sorry for the other whores on the block. They had to work so hard to attract clients and there was so much competition between them. It was easier for Temima. She was the only jewish whore in the area and her loyal clients were very adamant about keeping their money within the community. She was very well paid and it did not worry her that business was slow tonight. It was every Saturday, as most of her clients were still observing Sabbath with their families. Temima was still thinking about her less fortunate colleagues, when a black Lexus pulled up to the curb beside her. She recognized it as Michael’s car and waited for him to open the door. He did not. Instead, the passenger window rolled down just enough for Temima to see a teenage boy staring at her. Michael explained that his son had found out about his visits to Temima and was threatening to tell his mother if Michael did not bring him to have sex with Temima. 

In the motel room with Michael’s son, Temima regretted accepting this job. She hated having sex with virgins. “Let’s get this over with” Temima said impatiently. The boy stood for a minute smiling at her and then said “I’m Jacob.” He walked over to her confidently and began kissing her on her neck. He took her clothes off easily having no trouble with the buttons of her blouse or the back hook of her bra. He swiftly picked her up and laid her down on the bed. An hour later, they were still having sex and were nowhere near finished. This was nothing like being with her regular clients. He had kissed every inch of her body. He touched her with such expertise it was if he had made her himself. Jacob, it turned out, was not a virgin after all. Temima lost track of time. She forgot that she was working. All of the feelings of lust and passion Temima had felt when she was younger came back to her. 

Temima did not accept payment from Jacob. She stayed naked on the bed long after he had gone. Her heart was bursting. She laughed. She cried. She did not hurry to the shower as she usually did.  When Temima woke up the next morning still smelling of sex and Jacob, she knew what she had to do. After what she had felt last night, she could not go back to whoring herself to those hairy old men. Temima quit her job as a whore and became counselor for troubled teens. She was happy, successful and extremely popular with the boys.


One thought on “Temima

  1. I loved the story of Temina the jewish whore. I love everything about it. I love the fact that Termina was jewish, had a great sexual experience and went on to be a conselor for troubled teens. I was also very happy that nothing BAD happened to Termina. It is the perfect short story . I read it when I need a laugh or a smile.


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