The wine was cheap, the turkey was dry, and Elaine was tired of pretending not to notice Jeff’s mullet.  Hah.  Some Thanksgiving this was turning out to be. What the hell had Alice been thinking?  “You will totally love him” Alice had said. Well Elaine totally did not. She didn’t understand. Jeff was from New Jersey — not the south.  He wasn’t missing any teeth. Actually, he seemed like a pretty well educated guy. So why the mullet? Why?! He had no right.

Ugh. She couldn’t take another bite. “I’m going to get the pie” Elaine muttered as she started for the kitchen. “I’ll help” offered Jeff, looking at her with hope in his eyes. Elaine shrugged and went into the kitchen. She looked at the store bought pie and sighed. Way to go Alice. It was the generic brand. The kind that tasted of sugary plastic and stuck to the roof of your mouth. She began to remove the pie from the box when she felt Jeff beside her. There was a slight breeze coming in from the window above the sink and as Jeff turned towards her, the long hairs from the back of his mullet were swept up and ever so slightly grazed the side of Elaine’s neck. She gasped. A wave of electrifying heat went through her entire body. Their eyes met.  Jeff licked his lips and smiled knowingly.  

The pie was delicious. In fact, it was more delicious than any pumpkin pie she had ever tasted. And the wine!  The wine so sweet on her lips, caressing her throat and dissolving her two failed marriages. Jeff flipped his long healthy hair over his shoulder and fixed his eyes on her mouth. Elaine could feel her entire body pulsating. She was sure her face had gone red but she couldn’t care less. Her body ached in places she had forgotten even existed. Jeff had barely even touched her yet she felt him deeper inside of her than any man had ever reached.  

The meal was over and goodbyes were said. Elaine walked her guests to the door and waved as they left her house. She shut the door and smiled. Only one guest remained. And he never left.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. I agree with Gene. I also love “Only one guest remaind. And he never left.” Charlotte’s stories are fun and sexy!!!!


  2. “The wine so sweet on her lips, caressing her throat and dissolving her two failed marriages.” I love this sentence!


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