Venice Beach After Dark

I have lived in L.A. for most of my life and last week was the first time I had ever been to Venice Beach at night. It was delightful. Below is a list of things you might hear if you are listening from the second story window of a cheap hotel on Venice Beach at night:

  1. “It’s not my pee.”

  2. “You’re fuckin’ dead, man! Don’t forget your bag.”

  3. “Yesterday this year or yesterday last year?”

  4. “It has a blanket on it but it’s still my duffel bag.”

  5. “Not after nine. No. I don’t do ‘after nine’.”
  6. “This is my office.”
  7. “Shit. He’s in my sleeping bag again.”

  8. “You want all my money? No.”

  9. “I can’t eat a paper shredder!”

  10. “There is so much clean food in this trash can!”

  11. “Eew. A lingerie party for old people? When?”

  1. “I’m sick of sand.”

  2. “I hope I wake up tomorrow.”


Yeah. I hope I wake up tomorrow too.


4 thoughts on “Venice Beach After Dark

  1. charlotte i used to go to venice beach a lot when anyone was visiting. i guess the freak with
    wearing a white turban played an electric guitar wore roller skates was asleep. he just skates up to people and sings in their ears. very annoying. one of my old friends said the guy was president of his college grad. class.


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