Career Opportunities


Yvonne tried to warn Diego that his car would not make a good ice cream truck but Diego would not listen. He was determined. And an idiot. He went to Pavilions and spent all of his money on ice cream. Ice cream was more expensive than he had thought and that meant he would have to steal it. With a car full of ice cream, Diego was ready to sell. He drove to Beverly Hills, rolled down his window and yelled “Ice cream, ice cream, it’s hot out and you want ice cream.” He was discouraged when no one came over to his car. So he yelled louder. After four hours of driving around and yelling, Diego discovered that even though he had the air conditioning on in his car, all of the ice cream in his trunk had melted.

Diego went home feeling like a failure. He stuffed as much of the melted ice cream in the freezer as possible and tried to ignore Yvonne’s judging eyes. She was pissed because she and the kids would have to eat melted ice cream for dinner and ice cream that was not in its most frozen state really put Yvonne on edge. Diego buried his head in a pillow and thought about suicide. What else could he do? After being fired from Tony’s Pizza & Fish due to the bad economy, it had been impossible for Diego to find work. Everything had gone to shit. People were getting shot right in front of his house and the cops never did anything about it. 

There was absolutely positively no hope. Or was there? Diego had an idea. He would start a security patrol service from his car! He would protect the people that donated to his service and then he would feed his family more than ice cream. Maybe the elevated crime was a good thing after all. Within no time Diego was collecting dues from his neighbors, driving a town car with tinted windows and speaking Italian. Despite the occasional gunshot wound and trip to the emergency room, Diego and his family lived happily ever after.


3 thoughts on “Career Opportunities

  1. Poor Diego….
    Ancient civilizations have served ice for cold foods for thousands of years. I don’t think this is what Yvonne had in mind 🙂 More reasons to love ice cream…it’s got calcium.

    So go ahead and eat ice cream from time to time..Just not everyday Diego!


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