Stacy and the Sun

Just enough light shone through the blinds of Stacy’s bedroom window to let her know today would be a good day. The sun was shining. Finally! The past five days had been overcast and gray and it had been a challenge not to slip into that depressive state she knew all too well. She went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and peed happily. Stacy went out to her backyard with a cup of coffee and let her face soak up the glorious morning sun.
She went back inside to find Vince in a bad mood, angry about being late for work and blaming her for not waking him up. He told Stacy she obviously only cared about herself and now his day was ruined. Stacy rolled her eyes but said nothing. Instead, she turned her attention to the dust collecting on her kitchen floor. The goddamned sunlight coming in through the windows made the dust even more evident.
She decided to go out for her morning walk around the neighborhood. Stacy was grateful for the warm sun that instantly took away the tension in her neck. The sky was so blue and the air so fresh. Even the roses looked more colorful than they had the day before.
When she got back home, Vince was gone. The newspaper was scattered all over the kitchen table and coffee had been spilled on both the table and her carpet. She cleaned up his mess and went into her office to work on her novel.
The glare on her computer screen made it impossible to concentrate and she was furious. Closing the blinds didn’t help. The sun still found its way into the room and onto the screen. She wanted to grab the monitor and slam it into the wall. Stupid Vince didn’t even leave a note saying goodbye. Whatever. She didn’t need him. Just then the phone rang. She did not answer it. The machine picked up and it was Vince. “Hey baby are you there?  Oh well, I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to kiss you goodbye. I miss you already.” Stacy smiled. He really did love her. She opened the windows of her office and sat back down at her computer. She tilted the monitor down a little bit and decided that the glare wasn’t so bad. She began writing.     Satisfied with the work she had done, Stacy decided to eat a sandwich. Of course there was no more bread and that ass Vince hadn’t even told her. Now she had to go to the store. The afternoon sun turned out to be much hotter than she had expected and she arrived to the market hungry and sweating. Inside the market, the air conditioning was on full blast and she was suddenly freezing. Angrily, she grabbed the bread and got the hell out of there. She had already broken out in a sweat by the time she reached her car.
At home Stacy ate her sandwich and thought about dinner. She loved cooking with Vince and was looking forward to their meal together that night. Stacy checked her email and went upstairs for her afternoon nap. She felt the afternoon sun wrap around her as she eased into her bed and quickly fell asleep. She woke up renewed and happy that the sun was still shining.
Stacy turned on the stove and prepared the meat. She had just started to cook the potatoes when the phone rang. She went to pick it up hoping it was Vince calling to tell her he was on his way. It was Vince, but he was not on his way. His tire had blown out on his way home and he had no spare and no AAA card either. He needed her to come and get him. Stacy sighed and told him she would be right there. She turned off the stove and shook her head. Vince was such an idiot. Driving to go get him was torture. The sun blinded her eyes and she couldn’t see the street signs in front of her. When she finally got to Vince he was just as pissed as she was and they drove home in silence.
When Vince saw the food on the counter he smiled at Stacy and said “I’ll cook baby, you relax and have a martini.” The food was sensational. Vince really was a genius in the kitchen. They sat together on the couch smiling at each other as the sun set in the window behind them.


2 thoughts on “Stacy and the Sun

  1. This story really flows gently, like the morning sun through the curtains, I love this kind of descriptive writing, the poetry in every day life, in the simple stuff, in the life shared by a couple…It is hard to depict the beauty within the annoyance of constantly repeated things…Dogs walking, people working, flat tires, lovers cooking, the sun setting behind a kiss…Well constructed, round, clear arc… congratulations…Keep it up…


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