Bobby Bobo

··FYI: I found this story in my room the other day. I think I was about eight or nine when I wrote it. All the original grammar and spelling is the same. I just typed it up.··

I really used to hate Bobby Bobo. Bobby was really sick. He never brushed his hair, his teeth, or took showers and he always burped. When he got toys he would drool on them. When he spit he really spit a lot of spit.

I met Bobby when I moved to Formosa Avenue. My mom and my dad said “Check out the kids in the neighborhood.” So I did and the only kid in the neighborhood was Bobby Bobo. So I played with him for a little while and then he got too gross to be around he started burping and sneezing too much.

The next day Bobby was at the front door of my house and asked my mom “is Linda home?”

“Yes she is who is this?”

“Bobby Bobo.”

“She’ll be right here Bobby. Linda, Bobby wants to play with you.”

“Coming mom.”

“Hi Bobby.” I said.

“Can you play today Linda?”

I looked at my mom in disguse and said “Ok Bobby but this time I have to be back at six.”

“Ok Linda.”

“Let’s go.”

We played till six and then I had to go home. Lucky me. At dinner my parents asked me about Bobby. “I hate him. He does everything gross. Tell him I’m dead!” “Now honey he’s not that bad because tomorrow you and me are both going to the park with him,” said mom. “You know mom sometimes I think that you really are the devil.” “Thank you very much dear.”

The next day Bobby my mom and I all went to the park. We were flying a kite. I was holding the kite. Then I had to go to the restroom so did Bobby. Then mom said “I’ll roll up the kite while you two go to the restrooms.” So I went in the ladys and Bobby went in the mens room. Then Bobby came out and heard me screaming because there was a fire in the metal trash can blocking the door of the girls bathroom. So then Bobby spits on it but it wouldn’t go out then he trys to move the metal can but its too hot.

Then he took off his shirt and put out the fire he kicked the hot metal can out of the way so I could get out of the fire. “Gee thanks Bobby you saved my life.” I said. “My pleasure,” said Bobby. Linda ran and told her mother the whole story and all the details too. “Mom he really saved my life.” I said.

Then Bobby came over to my mom and I. “I hear you saved my daughters life.” said mom. “Yes I did.” said Bobby. “You shall be rewarded.” said mom.

“No really I don’t need to be rewarded,” said Bobby as we were all going home.

“Ha, ha, ha, you don’t have a shirt,” teased a boy. “And you won’t have any teeth,” I said. “Or any legs,” added my mother. Then we all went home happilly no shirted after!


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