Reading in the Tub

Do you ever feel like with certain things you have absolutely no learning curve at all?  I am not talking about things you study and are slow at like math. I mean regular everyday around the house stuff that people do. You know, toasting bread and peeing into the toilet kind of stuff. I feel like that when it comes to reading in the bathtub. It is a common thing. Lots of people successfully read in the tub. Some people even relax while doing it. So why is it that every time I do so, I wet my book? Not only do I wet my book, I am surprised and then angered that my book has gotten wet. Yet I refuse to take a bath without a book. I also refuse to change any aspect of my bath such as: water level, amount of bubbles, angle at which I lean my head against the back of the tub, etc. It should work the way I do it. It never has, but I cannot fathom changing anything. I truly believe that I am doing it right and it must be that some sort of oh, I don’t know, other force is testing my faith. I know the whole thing about insanity being continuing to do something the same way and expecting different results each time, but isn’t that also the way Jesus did things? I don’t see anyone calling Him stupid. I’m not trying to be a martyr or anything. I just want to read a book in the tub without getting it wet. Like Jesus.


5 thoughts on “Reading in the Tub

  1. HAHAHA!!! Awww…
    I’m one of those crazy people who read EVERY time I get in the tub. Maybe… well, I suggest putting a towel over the rim of the tub, so you may dry off your hands to turn the pages, etc?
    And by the way, what they say… about doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results… I’ve never heard it was stupidity, I’ve always heard that it’s “insanity.”
    And I think Jesus was a little insane. ; )
    But you’re not. You’re just stubborn, and you wanna read your damn book the way you damn well want to!!!


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