Martin Luther King Day

This is one story from the book Really Short Romance Novels for Men By Donald Bigbelow.

Martin Luther King Day

By Donald Bigbelow

Sherri was sad because it was Martin Luther King Day and her husband was white. She knew she could not truly experience the full meaning of MLK day without doing sex to a black man. Her day off from work was going to be wasted. Sherri looked at her husband and sighed. He was a pretty good husband, but still white. Then Sherri remembered that their neighbor Donald was black. Sherri made iced tea and walked across the street to Donald’s house in a silky red dress and stripper heels.

Ding-dong said the doorbell. Donald opened the door in a mostly clean tank top and boxers. “Sup?” He asked. “I have iced tea for us to sip on,” Sherri said, stepping into the house sexily and closing the door behind her, also sexily. “Do you like my dress Donald? I wore it just for you.” Then Sherri did a handstand and revealed that she was butt naked under her dress. “Hey! Do that again,” said Donald, and they had handstand sex for a while.

Afterwards, they drank some iced tea and everybody was quiet and happy. After they had a little rest, there was a close up of Sherri’s hard nipples. She winked at Donald and jiggled her butt and made Donald get another boner. This time, they did it in the kitchen because that is where the Cheetos are. Sherri didn’t mind at all that Donald ate Cheetos while they did it. She licked the extra cheese powder off his fingers and said “mmm happy Martin Luther King Day Donald. I learned a lot.”



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