Re: Roommate Needed:

Dear SpiritKitty69,

Am I too late? I hope not, because if you are still looking for a roommate, then you are in luck. I am exactly what you are looking for. I am not black, but I am open to it.
I am clean and somewhat fit and very physically available. Really, I am the opposite of disappointment. I am a casually gentle guy who knows his way around the kitchen (once I have been in it for awhile). I am totally normal and I love to roughhouse and wrestle. I especially love to wrestle. I have extremely strong inner thigh muscles that you have to watch out for. If I get a hold of you, my fuzzy golden sleep lock will put you out for hours. Is there a designated roughhousing area of the apartment or is it just all over?
I am potentially the best friend you will ever have. I am flexible, timid and unique. You wont regret having me around. I am a member of Netflix and I can grant you access to unlimited hours of watching Scrubs on the couch.
I hope your couch is comfortable, because sometimes they aren’t.
Don’t worry; I am not the kind of roommate that will go sleep in my own room. I don’t even have a bed!
If you choose me to be your roommate, I will prove to you that I walk the walk. I am a do-er not a thinker! But don’t worry, I will never lock you up. I will let you leave whenever you want to. I fucking hate slavery!

Call me!



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