Regarding our conversation last night- have you given any more thought to becoming a better person? I find that making a list of attainable goals really helps. I started one for you to help you succeed. Here ya go:

  1. Go back to church.
  1. Find your true self.
  1. Always remember you don’t need anyone else to be happy.
  1. Meet a good man.
  1. Find out if he goes to church and make sure he is not a cheater. Investigate!
  1. Be kind to everyone at work, even Toby.
  1. Find a different hairstyle.
  1. Become legendary.

9.Learn to feel music with your whole body. This will make you appear sexier in the eyes of men.

10.Don’t be afraid to change things about yourself that people don’t like.

I have more on the list, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. The point is if you want a husband, you have to not want a husband first. You might as well try and become a better person while you wait.

You don’t have a lot to lose. I hope this was helpful.

See you Friday,



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