Charlotte’s Shorts won the ENCORE! Producer’s Award at the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival, which means we will be BACK for 2 more shows on July 30th & 31st. Get your tickets HERE!



We’ll be back soon!



Charlotte’s Shorts will be back at the Actor’s Company for 2 ENCORE performances on July 30th & 31st!

Every Show is a Little Different

Cast lists

Here are the full cast lists for our upcoming shows in the Hollywood Fringe Festival! Tickets available here.

Thanksgiving: The Movie

Starring Jordan Black as Donald Bigbelow

Written by Charlotte Dean

Directed by Charlotte Dean and Tracy Newman

Original film score by Tracy Newman

Filmed by Nathan Warburton

Martin Luther King Day Read by Donald Bigbelow

@The Groundlings

July 29th ,2014

Jordan Black as Donald Bigbelow

Filmed by: Ron Sarfaty

Who’s Booty Is That?

Yet another classic from Donald Bigbelow. This is his first romantic mystery novel. I’m honored to post it here on my blog.

“Who’s Booty Is That?”

It was dark outside and slippery from rain. Detective Bruno was walking around investigating and he tripped on something sexy. Whoa. Is that a booty? He used his detective skills and said, “Are you dead?”

The booty said “No. My name is Brenda. I was scared, so I started doing my yoga. See?” She did downward doggie and Bruno said “let me investigate with my private dick.”

They did it rainy day style in the nighttime. “I feel so much safer now,” said Brenda.

Case closed.


They call him Bigbelow…


See the legend in action Oct. 28th @ The Groundlings.

The Beach

This novel is longer and more visual than my other Twitter novels. It took me two tweets. It’s called “The Beach.”

By: Donald Bigbelow

Mary was drowning like this in the ocean. Luke saved her life with some oral CPR. She stood up and shook the water off her wet body like a sexy blonde dog. So, no one died that day, and everyone got a hard on. They did it on the sand to the rhythms of the noisy ocean.


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Mother’s Day

Hi I am Lisa Sherdlinger and I am in Mr. Bigbelow’s writing class. I have learned so much about good writing. I used to just write about my life and my feelings, but Donald has helped me cut out all that boring stuff. Here is my first story from his class it is called Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day

By: Lisa Sherdlinger

It was Mother’s Day, so Dan sent the kids away and made strong coffee. When Juliette woke up, the house was quiet and there were no dirty dishes in the sink. Dan was waiting for her in the kitchen. He looked younger and less bald than usual. He walked over to her in slow motion and handed her a cup of coffee. “I’ll be waiting for you upstairs whenever you’re ready for your 90 minute massage.”

The massage was so good that Juliette drooled on the bed. “That really turns me on,” said Dan. Then there was a knock at the bedroom door. It was Thor, the hot food bagger from Whole Foods. “Happy Mother’s Day, Juliette,” he said taking off all of his clothes including his socks. “I always knew you would look so sexy naked and without your kids.” Thor and Dan had a fight about how bad they each wanted Juliette for themselves. Thor won.

Then Thor and Juliette had passionate sex while Dan made dinner for everybody. After dinner Juliette drank some wine and watched TV and the guys built a new deck in the back of the house. It was the sexiest Mother’s Day ever.


The end.


Hi, Donald Bigbelow here.

I understand that not everyone has time to read half a page. So now I am writing really short romance novels for men on the go.

That’s right, I’m talking about Twitter. You can follow me @DonaldBigbelow

I tweeted this novel earlier today. It’s called “Prom.”

Penny’s thong stuck up outta her jeans, so Matt asked her to Prom. He wore a tie and put a flower on the titty part of her dress. Sex.