No, mom.

Mom. No. We’re not going to the market. I’m not going in. They don’t have anything I like. I’m hungry now and none of that food is ready. I don’t care if it’s on the way. Why can’t you just take me home and then come back?

Mom. Look at me. It’s called consent. Ever heard of it? I said no.

Because! It’s cold in the market and I don’t have a sweater. Mom! You’re not even looking at me. I can’t go in there and I’m not waiting in the car. My phone is dead and your stupid charger has the old iphone chord.

My time is so valuable. You don’t get it. You have so much time. What do you even do? Like what do you do when I’m in my room? Why can’t you go to the market then? You always do this just because you want to spend time with me. I hate spending time.

Hang on. Do they have duct tape at Ralphs?

Okay. I’ll go with you.


Mother’s Day

Hi I am Lisa Sherdlinger and I am in Mr. Bigbelow’s writing class. I have learned so much about good writing. I used to just write about my life and my feelings, but Donald has helped me cut out all that boring stuff. Here is my first story from his class it is called Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day

By: Lisa Sherdlinger

It was Mother’s Day, so Dan sent the kids away and made strong coffee. When Juliette woke up, the house was quiet and there were no dirty dishes in the sink. Dan was waiting for her in the kitchen. He looked younger and less bald than usual. He walked over to her in slow motion and handed her a cup of coffee. “I’ll be waiting for you upstairs whenever you’re ready for your 90 minute massage.”

The massage was so good that Juliette drooled on the bed. “That really turns me on,” said Dan. Then there was a knock at the bedroom door. It was Thor, the hot food bagger from Whole Foods. “Happy Mother’s Day, Juliette,” he said taking off all of his clothes including his socks. “I always knew you would look so sexy naked and without your kids.” Thor and Dan had a fight about how bad they each wanted Juliette for themselves. Thor won.

Then Thor and Juliette had passionate sex while Dan made dinner for everybody. After dinner Juliette drank some wine and watched TV and the guys built a new deck in the back of the house. It was the sexiest Mother’s Day ever.


The end.