Police Station


The amorphous blob that was Diana’s body was accentuated by her tight fitting pink tank top and even tighter jeans. Her quick waddle through the automatic doors of the police station gave the officer behind the counter the impression that she was upset and in a hurry. She walked right past the line of people waiting to file complaints and began: “Um. Yeah. Well, Jessica isn’t like my best friend or anything but this one time Raul called me a fat ass and she told her boyfriend to beat him up for me and that was cool. So she is kinda my friend you know? So anyways, Jessica has been gone for like a week or maybe more and people at my school think maybe she is like…missing. Even her mom said she was starting to wonder where was Jessica.  But then this morning she found a note on Jessica’s bed I think and…oh, I have it right here see?”

Diana took the crumpled paper out of her pocket and placed it on the counter. The officer glanced down at the note. It read: Mom, Dont touch my stuff ok? I didint even run away. I just went to Arizona with Robert cuz his cousin is good at doing tattoos and he lives there are he is going to do free tattoos on Robert and me and I already know what you are going to say but Robert is not an idiot ok? He is even a really good driver. Love, Jessica

Diana continued: “Right. So at first I thought probably that means she is ok right? But then I thought Arizona isn’t really that far probably just like a few hours away — I don’t know but it looks close on the map see?” Diana pulled another crumpled paper out of her pocket and laid it on the counter. The officer looked down to see another note reading: D. you better clean up that dog shit cuz I aint doing it. “Wait. Not that. This.” Diana said as she proceeded to pull a map out of her pocket and drop it on the counter. The officer wondered how she was able to fit anything inside those pockets. Diana pointed to the map and said “see. It looks close right.” The officer was not sure that was a question but he nodded in agreement that Arizona did look close on the map.  

Diana went on: “But she should be already back by now right? And you know what? I only saw Robert two times but he looks like a drug dealer for sure. And Iike what if she is dead off drugs? Because I need to know because she is supposed to be my partner for this project in English and Mrs. Thompson said I can’t have another partner unless Jessica is not coming back for real. So. I called her on her cell phone but I think she like turned it off or it died or something because it goes right to voicemail all the time. So can you call Robert’s cousin and ask him when will Jessica be back? Like I just think that its kinda messed up for her to go on vacation right now and the rest of us have to wait til summer.  And then when I was trying to do my homework yesterday I was really just thinking about Jessica and stuff and I think I am in stress so could I have vacation too until she gets back?” A loud beep sounded from inside Diana’s purse. “Hang on mister I just got a text. Oh…Jessica’s back. Ok well, nevermind then.” Diana shoved her phone into her back pocket and waddled out of the police station.