Venice Beach After Dark

I have lived in L.A. for most of my life and last week was the first time I had ever been to Venice Beach at night. It was delightful. Below is a list of things you might hear if you are listening from the second story window of a cheap hotel on Venice Beach at night:

  1. “It’s not my pee.”

  2. “You’re fuckin’ dead, man! Don’t forget your bag.”

  3. “Yesterday this year or yesterday last year?”

  4. “It has a blanket on it but it’s still my duffel bag.”

  5. “Not after nine. No. I don’t do ‘after nine’.”
  6. “This is my office.”
  7. “Shit. He’s in my sleeping bag again.”

  8. “You want all my money? No.”

  9. “I can’t eat a paper shredder!”

  10. “There is so much clean food in this trash can!”

  11. “Eew. A lingerie party for old people? When?”

  1. “I’m sick of sand.”

  2. “I hope I wake up tomorrow.”


Yeah. I hope I wake up tomorrow too.