Rules For Nana

Dear Stan,

I left this note on the refrigerator because you always eat. Get it? Haha. I understand that youre mom stroked and now she will live here even if she HATES!!! me. You think that is not true but it is. It is sad losing a parent as you KNOW I know. So you can see I am not a bitch and untolerant. But I live here too(!!!) and there must be rules for Nana. Or else… (you already know!!!) I know its too hard for you to make rules so I did it for you. When you get back from the hospital please give them to her and read them into her good ear TWICE!!!

Love, Sharon



Rules For Nana

 By: Sharon M.


1.No smoking in or over our bed (like last time)

2.Must keep wheelchair noise to medium/low (and not squeaky on the tiles just to bother ME!!!)

3.Must eat food Sharon (ME!!!) makes

4.No singing loudly or scarring the kids

5.Can only talk to Timmy and Johnny if she says good things about ME no jokes about my RELIGION or my FANTASIES!!!

6.Be polite to visitors (not rude!!!)

-a.k.a. not cursing or throwing 

7….WELCOME to our home!!!